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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Caverns of our Mind

If we would stop for just few moments a day it would amaze us at how Father God has given us the answers to all of life in something as simple as Mother Nature. We as humans in this technological age just can’t find satisfaction in the simplicity of nature and God’s simple plan for us.   We seek aimlessly and blindly for answers.  We rush about our lives so frantically and never take the time to realize that he wants us to wait and listen.  He begs us to watch and learn.  Rather we chase the light down the endless tunnels that permeate deep in the chasms of our mind, exploring the whys of existence.   Seeking the holy grail of knowledge, we want to always find the monster that lurks under our bed in our nightmares so that we can trap it and thus access the path to demons that hide in our closets. What we fail to see is that caves are a perfectly designed trap.
When you begin the journey into the caverns of your mind and you pass the opening to the entrance, you are immediately mystified by the view of the unseen.  Having never experienced it before, you naturally want to go immediately deeper into the tunnels ill prepared or ready for such a trek and journey. With nothing more than the small amount of light we have amassed that we deem as knowledge, we begin our trek taken aback by the stalactites and wonderful colors of the underside of the earth’s shell. As the animals become something from futuristic novel and the waterfalls and echoes begin to entrance us, we continue walking steeper into the unchartered chasms knowing our skill set and simple feel of directions will easily allow us access back to the surface.
We start exploring parts of our mind and world that with one slip can cause us to fall into a pit of miles deeo into lava that would sear the flesh immediately from our bones or the common away from our sense.  We attack the mystique.  We reproach the improbable.  We attack the impossible be it via pride, determination or need for self-validation.   The bats of danger lurk overhead and yet as we proceed the darkness becomes blinding, the rocks slicker than a Capitol Hill politician and yet we press onward deeper into the caves that started as adventure and now are caverns of despair disbelief.   It’s a virtual cage of self-infliction that allows us to slowly destroy ourselves. We come to a point where the mind’s parlor tricks can no longer paint the images of joy and walk smack into the realization that we are lost and trapped.  As panic starts in, breath and heart rates increase as frantically we search the catacombs for a sign of where we came from, a footprint of a path traveled top help lead us back to the entrance. We holler into a void that only echoes a evil laughter of a once serene sound we call our voice.  We begin to run from one dead end into another not realizing we are depleting our hydration.  Our hunger now envelopes us like a stalking lion.   We stop and stare into oblivion.  We squint hoping the darkness will give way to light, wanting despair to give way to hope, praying we can get yourself out of this horrid situation.   We freely entered into this cavern, yet now we are trapped in the undoubting realization that this cavern is a coffin. We spend our life wanting to explore, to find the answers.  We spend our days searching for meaning to our existence, self validation.  We pry the rocks of chaos hoping to discover the gold of truth, of worth.
God allows us to enter these caves.  He gave us free will, rope, light, and enough knowledge to be dangerous. When we enter the mouth of a cave, be it a rural cave or the cave of temptation, we leave our safety at the door.  We take what we think we need, leaning on our experience trusting on the rope of hope or the light of experience. Have you entered a tunnel lately?  Have you taken one step that lead to 100?  Have you gotten lost in the chaos of life and found the hieroglyphics of past explorations littering the walls of your mind and the ceilings of your thoughts?  
You have got to stay out of these caverns without a guide.  If you want to explore, find and discover, you need someone who knows the way.  Someone who can show you the beauty of the unknown while keeping you in the safety if the known. God does just this.   He is the perfect cave guide.  He knows that you beg to know more.  You desire to explore and research for yourself. He knows you want to find answers and you need to find knowledge.   Since the Tree if Life is no longer there, He has given you the Word of life instead.  Have you entered the cavern and now are in a fetal position with no hope and no food and no water to help you sustain your life?  Are you grasping at straws and sounds trying to latch onto anything that will give you hope?  Are you screaming for help when the only thing you hear is the silence of the dead?  Stop be still and quiet. God will walk to you.  He has the map and knows the route. He will dip behind the waterfall, swim the lagoon clamp the slickest of walls to get to you.  He will slowly bring you back out from the cave.  The question beckons, will you enter into another cave?  Will you search out another cavern will you feel the need to explore the rivers of lava and the winds of destruction again?  We all stand week after week at the mouth of a cave and find ourselves one step at a time slowly descending to the depths if the unknown. I beckon you to stop and listen for just a moment.  Prepare yourself.  Ready your mind.  Steady your hand.  Sturdy your step. God’s word will feed you.  His spirit will fill and hydrate you.  His presence will lead you. His very name will save you.
When  you find yourself in the mouth of the cave prepare for the journey.  Prepare for the adventure.  Its more than a one hour exploration.  it’s a one week engagement of new beginnings and new challenges, but only if you allow Him to be the cave dweller that guides you, only if you allow Him to be the light in the darkness, only if you allow him to walk with you shall you ever emerge again.  God must be in control.  If you enter without Him do not fret for He will come to you if you just call.  If you enter and lose him or get ahead of him, do not worry.  He will find you.  He will come to your call.  He will never leave you in the caverns of despair and the caves of condemnation.  You may escape without him but you will not survive.  Tomorrow when you decide that you have the urge to explore and that the mouth of the cave is open and you have to enter into its abyss, take the lifeline of one who was entombed in the cave and stole the keys to life.   When they came to find him the stones had been moved and He had found his way out.  We all get lost in caverns but none of them have to become our coffins.


  1. Ron I so totally LOVE this one. I had to share it. This is just awesome.

  2. I am blown away at the deep faith you have and are not ashamed of. God needs warriors for Him and I am so thankful that you are willing to be His servant! It is apparent in your shows that you know Jesus and that you rely on Him. I hope to continue to see Lizard Lick praising God and God blessing Lizard Lick. We love your show and love how you BOLDLY stand for GOD! There will be a time at the end of our lives when we fully understand the witness we have or have not been. I just pray that thru Lizard Lick towing someone, some MANY will come to know Jesus Christ. There is where true peace and happiness is. Prayers for God's continued blessings! Loretta H, Pamlico County, NC

  3. Dear Ron,
    Your words move my heart and soul , thank you so much for giving me the seed that has always been there , that we all seem to forget or just hide until the time is right. Whats funny is that those of us with the most seeds to sow are usually the ones who lock them away to plant after the storms that life tends to hide in the den of the old trickster(the devil), its when we feel like we are skating along just fine that he lays the largest traps. Last thing , remember your spirit animal brothers who walk at our side in good times and carry us in bad, The Good Lord gives us these brothers so that he can get some rest too. lol IN GODS LOVE BRANDI

  4. You have so much faith, and it makes me want to be a better servant. I've been in many caves, and God has always walked with me, and I'm so greatful. I CAN'T live my life without him. Thank You for posting your Revelation Ron self... lol I will continue to pray for Lizard Lick, and pray for you and your family. God Bless

  5. Wow... I am not sure what else to say. This has moved me to tears as I can so totally relate. I am not perfect. I mess up and I mess up a lot but I try; try ever so hard to be a good christian yet sometimes I am in that cave and I do panic. Yet being still and listening is the thing I think I have the hardest time with as I am the one who has a;ways been told all my life stand up, be strong, don't cry. I search for those answers so I can be that strong one. Yet when alone I break down and there are times when I am alone I cry ..cry hard... let it all out as long as there is no one there to see that I don't have that strength. Your words are an insperation and I look foward to reading more. I have accepted God and I know Jesus is the son of God that gave his life for us all, and lately I have been praying so hard but today it amazes me how many times I have been told maybe I should stop, stop thinking, stop praying for a moment and listen. Thank you Ron for the words of hope, and light that you have just pushed into my path. <3
    Joyce Gooding

  6. I have been in many caves but I was never alone, God was always there with me and when I got tired, God carried me. Your words are very inspiring. I could tell that you are a child of God when I watched the show for the first time. You glow in Christ Ronnie and you are NOT afraid to show your praise for God to anyone. That is a true child of God, you are nothing like Judas and that I am thankful for because today we have so many that claim to be saved but will deny him before their friends, family, and strangers and that includes some Ministers as well. I try to always let my light shine and always try to be a witness for God. I pray that I never become a Judas and deny him. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

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  8. hey ronnie and amy, me and my boyfriend were wondering if u are coming back with a new season on mondays? we hop-e so cause we like watching the show and look forward to monday nights.