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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stone Gardens of Deaths Life

I visited with a old friend today I haven't sat with him in years
Nowadays he cant speak but what he said to me spoke volumes
He told me to keep plowing my own paths for the ground of tomorrow
Is to shaky to build on He said love doesn't mean you stay and staying
Doesn't mean your loved He said sometimes friends have no choice but to leave
and leaving doesn't mean that you are not friends He told me our lives are filled
With crossroads but if you have no idea where you are heading it will never
Matter what road you choose He shared with me that chasing a dream your
Entire life doesn't mean you will be truly satisfied when you catch it
He spoke softly and whispered many people live their entire lives in the rain
but just because you are caught in the rain never means you have to get wet
He shouted to me that everyone shows off their scars to the world but the scars
That never heal are the only ones the World can never see He  mumbled as he said
That you cant see as much looking down from the top of the World as you can from
Looking up from the bottom of it He winked and said he was always taught a
Eye for a Eye but he finally discovered this only lead to both people being left blind
When the time came for me to leave he wasn't even looking I silently Shed a tear although
He could not have heard it anyway and began the journey back to my life
I wiped the dust off of our memories and the scripture that is his legacy
I stopped as the sun set over his presence and with my back to him I replied
Nowadays I live not love the moments for I have found Love vanishes swiftly
I understand that Life can be immortal if ones memory never dies but Immorality
Can never be the pursuit of ones life I no longer fear the Darkness rather I cherish
Its embrace for that is where I have discovered my most enlightenment Its the
Point where the hard roads of life come to a end and the dirt paths of the
Journey begins Ive discovered that success is not living each moment it is rather
The experience we leave with after each moment has been lived I no longer stop
To smell the roses now I steal them from the ground and harbor them in my soul
as I plant them in my own field of despair far from the Worlds prolific sight
For it is there I know the weeds of life cannot smother them from the light of death
Or the dark of Life and the garden of existence can flourish once again
I began my trek again back to my life and paused briefly to see if he would speak to me again
But with the setting of the sun our conversation dissapeared and the shadows of the past faded
I hope to visit with him again soon so that I might navigate the concrete garden and the lessons laid
to rest in the ground on which I stood I now understand the reason for his departure
for I have learned more in the silences of his death than I ever did in the screams of his life 


  1. Love it. Love the show and glad to know your believers

  2. Love it. Love the show and glad to know your believers

  3. Ronnie, great post and very moving. Thank you for sharing - it made a difference in my life! Love your show - my dad's from North Carolina & enjoy visiting as much as possible. Please come to south Louisiana to see us soon!!

  4. Love Your Show Ronnie LOL You Should come to Pa...

  5. Beautiful and well said. Thank you I need to all that today.

  6. Wow that was very touching Ronnie. That made a great start to a great birthday. I turned 22 today and I've been struggling on the topic of what real love is and what it means. This helped alot! Thank you!

  7. I love this very inspiring.. I also enjoy the show I look forward to the show every week..and when I can't be home to watch I have it being recorded on my dvr... I enjoy the way u talk it is funny...ur wife is one tough woman and can stand her Bobby is so sexyand one tough do I go about getting autographed photos of all of u ..

  8. Hi Ronnie, I do have to say, "Very well said!" As I was reading this it reminded me of a song by Brooks & Dunn called Believe. Just wondering, was your friend's name Mr. Riggley? lol just kidding. Seriously though Those were "very Deep" and great words of wisdom that was spoken. I am glad I found your blog and I love your Faith in the Lord and your show too. God bless all of you

  9. Well put Ronnie. Very moving thank you for sharing! Really makes the ole mind dig a little bit..

  10. I agree with rockngranny about the song I Believe. This entry is a lot like the song. Very interesting perspective.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love love love the show too.

  11. I agree with rockngranny about the song I Believe. This entry is a lot like the song. Very interesting perspective.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love love love the show too.

  12. Love the show and I agree with Ronnie

  13. Hi Ronnie .. a quality peace of strong , very touching and wonderful literature ... my father was a huge man with a presence to match , an ex bouncer and very well respected man in a very tough neighbourhood .. he was a very strong family man but ruled with a fair but iron hand .. love from him was rare and tough but we all knew that he loved us dearly and when the fun times came along they were unmeasurable ... a few years ago he had a massive stroke which took he's speach and right side .. after brain surgery we were all frightened of the reckage that was going to be left but he fought his way back over the years and made an amazing partial recovery .. he still managed to become a man to whom a considerable number of people aspired to .. even when disabled ... I was his biggest fan .. even though we could never tell each other .. the unconditional love and bond were always there as father and son ... he lost his short battle with cancer last year .. he never went to hospital and died at home .. that was the only way that he would have it .. strong and stubourn right untill the end .. that's the moment that I realised what love really meant .. I hope that some day I can aspire to be half the man he was to us ... thanks for sharing that with us Ronnie .. and thanks for the show ... me and my four boys are great fans and don't miss one episode .. reminds me of the days when I was out doing repo's .. hatching the plans and pulling off crazy moves on people and the buzz when you pull it off . . That I miss greatly lol .. we watch the show and then they ask me a load of questions about whe I used to do it .. lol .. well here's greetings from the UK and love to amy , bobby and all the guys at Lizard lick towing ... stay safe Ronnie .

  14. Very well spoken Ronnie with so much truth behind the show you and bobby are a barrel of laughs.

  15. Very well spoken Ronnie with so much truth behind the show you and bobby are a barrel of laughs.

  16. Thank you once again for showing me a glimpse of your deep tender soul. Love you guys on the show. Your country talk really allows me to laugh and unwind. May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you and pour out His Divine favor on your life as you grow in Him and lovingly touch the lives of others.

  17. This is so good it relates to me im 19 workin and tryin to follow my dreams offshore and get my dream girl and when I get take a step forward it like instead of goin forward I go back

  18. Ronnie, I do the very same thing myself. As a Daddy's girl I often visit his grave just to be close to him, although I know he is not there. He is in Heaven, all that is there is a shell. He is my Guardian Angel. Thank You for the setting up this blog and thank you & the crew for all the Monday night entertainment.

  19. Thank You Ronnie for making me think during this time of spiritual dryness....

  20. Ronni, just keep your head up man. I look up to you guys alot it sounds weird. But you guys are amazing at what you do. You have a wife and kids that love you alot. Just keep your head up man. Be safe and live life love life and dont sit back and just watch it go by.

  21. I have been going through alot in the past 3 years that one person should never have to carry this much pain in them. life deals us bad hands . i have been married 36 yr i thought i had my soulmate but he cheated 3 yrs ago with a 20 yrs old he was 51 and now we sleep in to different rooms cs we both own this . there is bo love felt here but each morning i wake up , every day is the same i dust off an try to make it thru the day !!!! help me

  22. I to love your show that was an awesome blog thanks for sharing