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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can you smell the stench of death

As its thickness engulfs with no regard the morning mist, the cool wind bristling down your neck, as its morbid and sudden ending vastly approaches,quitly without regard for gender, hovering silently above. Your mind restlessly contemplating the pletera of escape possibilities, eyes burning with desire trying to peer into the darkness, sweat beading off your brow as your heart flutters in an erythematic fashion to each second that drags by, trying to control your ramped breathing, so that you cannot be heard, or sensed. Your mind frantically racing over every detail, the situation intensifying at an unbearable rate, is your mind and body unified and readily prepared to stand unscathed in the face of adrenaline and still survive the encounter. As you prepare for the instantaneous outcome, and your eyes adjust with feverish blinking, trying desperately to see that which they have waited many moons to see but are not ready to encompass in plain view. The smell rises like a volcano, the time is at hand, and you face your foe on the battlefield of immortality, forever to leave your undaunted mark, or hide in shame. The sound of bones cracking echo through the trees, the leaves being tossed in torment, the blood splattered all about, your primal self takes the reins, your inner animal is unleashed to reek havoc about this sanctified ground, and your body erupts with a pro-evil moan, to let all those within hearing distance know that you have not succumb to the terror rather you are feasting in the victorious splatters of meat and death. So now can you smell the stench of death, it dwells inside of each of us, and soon many of us will be released unto the battle, to be a victim or a victor. 


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  2. I dont know if you will see this or reply to it. i know you have alot of fans i started watching LLT bout 6 months ago thru my daughter tellin me about it. an i often wondered why you had t shirts on with bible verses on it. i need your prayers bad ! daily struggles are on me . with money an heart break gettin up each mornin is a chore. but thanks for you serving the lord he carries us thru everything !! i am just so lost in life my husband of 36 yrs cheated on me with a 20 yrs old for a yr an a half. that was 3 yrs ago an i still cant get past it, we both own this place so we live togerher in 2 different bedrooms she is no longer in the picture an not living close to me, or i would be on her like a duck on a june bug!! but how do i put the pieces of my heart back together ? i dont think he loves me , an that really hurts. remember me in your prayers ! thanks ronnie any advise would be helpful. eccl 1 thru 8 tells it all is it my time to change things now ????


    1. But, can you just imagine, being beaten and put on a cross, all the sins of everyone upon your back-nothing you ever did for you walked perfectly and loved. Yet you were nailed to a cross to die and no one-no not one came forth for you.They all were afraid they'd be crucified too. But yet you faced death for my sins and everyone elses so that we may have eternal life. I can only imagine how it will be to one day be in your presence in a place that you have promised to be so excellent.

  3. This is so true about life and even the mere attitude that we as human beings would succumb to in the event of a natural disaster, whether it be a natural or man man-made disaster. We would become the beast in which we all fear just to survive or we would submit to the terms of being a victim. It's the one battle within all of us that we fight every day. Though some do become the beast that we all fight every day, most of us try to overcome this by becoming husbands and fathers.
    Ron, I like this and would like to use it as quote in one of my many short stories. This would fit so perfectly within my main characters voice so perfectly during the zombie outbreak. I'll even put it in as a quote from Ron "The Preacher" Shirley from the Dirt Church...

  4. Ron,
    You are always so right on and I enjoy reading everyone that you write,your great on LL and an awesome preacher and you help me so much,if you guys have the time I would love to have an autograph picture of the LLK,keep up the good work and the great dirt church messages you have an awesome talent that is hard to find...Thanks Ron

  5. ANd the reaper lives on and waits for all who faces him weather they live or the latter the reaper will always be there fear the reaper he never disappears he's always in the shadows waiting to reap the souls of whom has the fear and fate to face for I am the reaper (book of the dark page 1 verse 1.