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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The silence screams, begging to be deciphered with the exploratory provocation of intellectual superiority
Seeking acceptance, thrashing feverishly for understanding, afraid of the informed sentimentality that lurks above
Trying to stay amidst the wavering line of societal and aesthetic acceptance
Only to stand complacent as the eschewing memory fades into and objective dissolution, pricking the senses with an absolution of horror, allowing the thoughts that encompasses our mind to hone their dull blades of sophistication
Thus spewing their revolutionary ramblings and eclectic knowledge in a demeaning bravado of simplistic cliché’s
Forcing the select to shut us out with a brash catharsis of self-gratification
Shattering any window to the sublime
Prohibiting our spiritual journey to venture any further
Pounding us with a constant insurgence of intolerable hypocrisy, forcing complacency to seep inward, refracting the truth
Upstaging the utter objectivity of the soul
Now the devastating ironic abandonment trickles rapidly, forcing us to rage against humanity
Instantly we become frozen in the stare of terror, deliberately fracturing our thought process so that we no longer navigate the mountains of mystery that had stemmed from our pre-destined biases
The infusion of utter chaos has begun to crawl into the crevices of our creativity
Dissipating the minds limits and encompassing our mystic wanderings
Until suddenly the dawns morning darkness breaks, and our eyes are filled vibrantly with blindness
So now what lies before us are merely shadows of our re-shapen destiny
Hence rebellion becomes simply a perpetrator of sarcasm
The inner “Pursuit of Happiness” becomes nothing more than an island for the cultural elite
Descending into a muck of demagogic verse, never to escape the grasp of normalcy
Sequestering our pain, obscuring our knowledge
Now those that venture behind us on the transparent path of absolution are greeted
 with the same devastating irony

Awake…Only to Sleep 


  1. YOU JUST GOT LICKED LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Shirley..... I am a huge fan of LLT and recently subscribed to your blog. I must say that this blog shows the world a side of you that the camera's can not get too. Your blogs are very in depth, soul searching, and provide a glimpse into the spiritual world of the real Ron Shirley. Keep the blogs coming because I can relate to the material. Keep up the great works that you do. Looking forward to the next one.... A dedicated fan!

  3. I understand what you are saying and I feel that way also.

  4. Your blogs r the best,you always know what to say at the right time to say it,I look forward to everyone u write,that is a talent to have that no one can take away from u ,thanks Ron for the inspiration and keep them coming...