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Friday, December 19, 2014

Moments Don't Become Memories until they are Validated

One of my Favorite Acts of faith in the Bible are when Shadrach, Meshack and Abindigo are about to be thrown into the fire by King Nebacunezer. These three were Gods servants who had committed no real crime and the King actually liked them but he was tricked into making a decree that you could worship no other God beside Bael. So when these three still openly worshiped the Only True and Real God, The Alpha, The Omega, Yahweh, Elohim, El Roi, the King had to follow through on his decree. What I love about this story is not that when he threw them in and looked in on them did he see a fourth figure, not that the only thing burned on them were the ropes that bound them, not that God saved them from the flames and answered their prayers. What I love is what was said just before they entered. Shadrach said -(and I am slightly paraphrasing ) "King , Our GOD can save us and our GOD will save us but if our GOD chooses not to save us we still will not call upon your god" They had so much faith in Gods plan for their lives that they were sure HE would deliver them, But in that last second, if He chose not to save them , They knew where they were headed and were ready to die and be martyrs for GOD, and refused if it meant even saving their lives to call upon the name of another's god. This if FAITH, not only in God himself and His powers, but in His plan for their lives and their deaths. Many times in the last second we take the easy way out forgetting that we are a tool in His hand to be used as He sees fit, yet we , and I include myself in the fore front of this, tend to go through a situation and when the results are not what we want, we tend to change the way we should deal with it. Read that story and stop and think about what would you do in that last second, as the flames climbed your body, and the heat enveloped you, is your faith strong enough to let His will be done, or is your faith not strong enough that you try and control His will. Heres a funny little clip[ of the 8-10 year olds I coached this year in Fottball, at the end of every practice I told them to pick 5 players and if one of the five could knock me down I would get them a special surprise at the end of the season. For ten weeks three to four times a week they lined up, and for ten weeks they failed.They as a team and as individuals never gave up hope and never stopped trying, and we all knew the outcome would not change, but they kept their FAITH, and  the next to the last night of practice, well watch the video, and leave a comment, someone Got Licked. Remember, we can all learn so much from the heart, mind, will and methods of children. This is a Moment that in my mind and thiers I think will always be validated.

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